Our Vision

To be the cutting edge company in the utilisation of natural resources ,renewable energy and construction aiming at improving peoples lives

Our Mission

To consistantly exceed the expectations of our shareholders by achieving quality, efficiency and profitability to providing superior quality products and services in a client driven environment and spear heading community empowerment.


Our Company In Brief

Glancier Investments is a 100% Zimbabwean Owned Company which is an investment and resources focused Zimbabwean Firm, established on partnerships with entrepreneurs and companies who share our vision for growth and value creation.

Glancier focuses their investment trading, on renewable energy including solar (Domestic and Irrigation System),Biogas(Portable and fixed digester),wind energy technologies,hydro and thermal electricity,borehole drilling and installation as well as general construction of buildings and maintenance including painting,plumbing,carpentry and joinery as well as refrigeration mechanics as well as air conditioner installations and maintenance.

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